Since 2008, we’ve been committed to providing dedicated remote teams to engineer finest digital experiences

Our Story

Tintash is a tech design and dev studio where talented, skilled and experienced teams are led by Stanford University, Apple, and Paypal Alumni.

It all started in 2007 with a breakfast at Hobee’s Palo Alto. Over the famous coffee cake the founders decided to prototype working together. It worked, and to this date when we have a new client company we first prototype working with them, customize a work and communication process that is a win-win, and almost always evolve into an ongoing working relationship.

We specialize in providing dedicated remote team members to aspiring entrepreneurs, promising startups, and growing companies. Our goal is to become a preferred top tier tech partner for other companies looking to grow with a remote team.

The teams at the studio have been growing since 2008 and love working on challenging and world impacting products. We hire people who are really good at what they do but also would get along like a house on fire with our team. Our culture is our key differentiator and is heavily influenced by Stanford, where the founders were trained, and IDEO, the company we love.

Why Us

Building great products is a team sport. And as is in sports the right team is many times better than the average team. Tintash is a human-centered organization. Our big mission is bringing together, inspiring and enabling great talent to create teams that love working together — Teams that want to keep learning and increasing the bar to be the best versions of themselves. And these teams want to work on increasing important, complex, and interesting problems that make the world a better place.

What clients love about us


Tintash understood our
needs, and they were easy
to communicate with.

Visibility and

They excel at best practices. We went in not knowing too much about iOS development, so we trusted them to use the best practices to optimize the app.

Delivery Process

They were flexible and adaptable to the problem and issues encountered, and very resourceful when dealing with issues; Extremely committed to delivering a solid product.

Iterate Towards

I think the most impressive thing is the ratio of professionalism to cost is very high.

Ownership and

Tintash Apps reliable workflow, helpful feedback, and long-term focus contributed to a rewarding partnership.

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Our Journey so far



Projects Delivered

strong team


Strong Team



Raised by Clients



Unicorn Client



Fortune 500 Client

Our Leadership

Together we are smarter than each of us. We disagree passionately, learn continuously, and commit relentlessly as we lead our team towards becoming the most preferred tech partner for our growing set of clients.

Fahd Gilani
Syed Pirzada

Our Values

Be Proactive

Straight Talk

Iterate Towards Excellence

Spread Smiles


Be Data Driven

When in Doubt, Prototype

Keep it Simple