Asset Integration for a Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
Building on our Rosetta experience to integrate numerous assets and deliver immense value
Client's Business Problem

Accelerate asset enablement by bringing in specialists to work with Rosetta API specifications and quickly integrate assets with their ecosystem.

Output By Tintash

Delivered Rosetta implementations for assets, Rosetta validations, and asset integrations to speed up the client’s asset integration efforts.

Impact For Client

In addition to providing our deep expertise, Tintash helped build capacity by training the client’s internal teams on asset integration and Rosetta.

Client’s brief background and business problem

This US-incorporated client was one of the largest and most compliant asset exchanges in the country. They were looking to onboard specialists who could help support and speed up the company’s asset integration efforts.

Although the client operated on a remote-first model, there were really very few locations outside of the US, Canada, and Europe from where they allowed their team to work from. However, the team was in the hunt of a very specific skill set – expertise in Rosetta API specifications. Left with few team members who fully understood how Rosetta worked, the client engaged Tintash owing to our deep expertise in this area to help eliminate this resource bottleneck.

How did Tintash deliver?

It took Tintash almost three months to get all the required security clearances and access to the client’s systems and machines. Once we started, our team surprised everyone by delivering a complete Rosetta implementation in a mere three weeks. We also helped enable an asset in the quickest ever time in the client’s entire experience of asset integrations.

If our first rosetta implementation showcased our technical ability, our first integration highlighted our capacity to collaborate with multiple teams and stakeholders while keeping everyone focused on the common goal. Positively surprised by our team’s performance, the client handed over the complete asset integration to us.

Our team did not just go above and beyond to deliver the complete end-to-end integration, we did so while also training the client’s engineers. We also interfaced with at least a dozen asset issuers and helped them resolve issues in their Rosetta implementations for a smoother integration.

The third challenge was validating the Rosetta implementations built by the asset issuers for their respective blockchains while also working closely with them to sort out the issues in those implementations. Rosetta being open source doesn’t dictate a lot of those things to be required. However, since we had worked on a complete end-to-end integration, our team foresaw those issues and got them resolved before the actual integration kicked off. This helped further speed up the integration process.

At that point, the client’s executive and product team started looking up to us to drive the optimization efforts in the asset integration pipeline. Our team conducted the root cause analysis and identified Rosetta completeness as still being the biggest bottleneck.

For the next couple of months, we worked closely with the product team to further solidify the Rosetta specifications, which were internal to our client, and effectively share them with all the new assets we were validating and integrating.

How did the final product look?

To summarize, our first Rosetta implementation in a mere three weeks was very well received and unlocked opportunities for us to work on the E2E Asset Integration of numerous assets. Our team also worked closely with the asset issuers to provide them a smooth onboarding experience while getting them to deliver on our requirements.

At the time of this writing (Q1 '23), Tintash continued to be the only team contracted by the client to work as an integral part in their asset integration. Our team members were all working on different assets with the client engineers to provide their expertise and help speed up the multiple asset additions.

Another noteworthy contribution was our team’s squad-building efforts for the client. We got the mandate to build a squad in the US and Canada. We not only recruited and trained IC5 and IC4 engineers across North America but also successfully onboarded them on our client platforms and systems to deliver yet more value to the client.

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