P2P Tool & Equipment Rental Application
Connecting renters with tool owners in their area through a simple, easy to use mobile app
Client's Business Problem

Build a scalable technology solution that would allow owners to rent out idle tools and equipment to others in their area.

Output By Tintash

Developed a minimum viable product (MVP) for both iOS and Android within three months within a limited budget.

Impact For Client

The user-friendly marketplace app allowed JobBox to expand coverage to newer service areas and successfully raise seed funding.

Client's brief background and business problem

JobBox was envisioned as a peer-to-peer (P2P) tool and equipment rental application that would make renting necessary equipment easier than ever. Its founder, Stephen Bradshaw, who operated a general contracting business in Jacksonville back in 2019, came up with the idea when he failed to find a platform that would allow him to make money renting out his idle tools and equipment to others in his area.

Stephen spent the next six months researching the rental market and creating his business plan. After beta testing the concept by conducting manual P2P transactions, he managed to get the validation he wanted to begin working on a scalable solution.

Lacking in tech experience or background, Stephen was looking for a technology partner that could take charge of product development. Following meetings with several technology vendors, he engaged Tintash owing to our vast experience of working with early stage startups.

How did Tintash deliver?

Stephen had clearly defined objectives when he first approached Tintash. He had earmarked only a limited budget to develop a minimum viable product that would allow him to gather user feedback. He wanted to use the simple app to test his market assumptions and demonstrate the product concept and use cases to potential investors before setting his final direction. improvements.

Following initial meetings to understand Stephen’s vision and requirements, our team comprising engineering managers and business analysts started chalking out a product plan. To meet the business objectives, we consulted and used as benchmark existing marketplace products. Prioritizing the feature set essential to Stephen’s MVP requirements, we took him through a series of UI/UX iterations.

Within a few weeks, we had managed to put the wireframes in place. We also finalized the technology stack at that point. React Native was an optimal choice for the cross-platform application, together with a robust backend to manage inventory and facilitate transactions.

It took us three months to develop the MVP. Throughout the development phase, we had weekly team meetings to review progress, assess the cash burn rate, and prioritize what maximum could be built in our remaining runway. Following true agile practices, we rapidly prototyped features, reviewed builds, and made iterative

JobBox: some in-app screens
bed bath and beyond
Select from a wide range of categories
bed bath and beyond
Find the best equipment quickly and based on your location
bed bath and beyond
Have any questions? Chat with the lender
bed bath and beyond
Choose the time that suits you best
How did the final product look?

The JobBox app was launched in November, 2020. Our team ensured all the product targets were achieved within the defined budget and timeline. The app was made available for both iOS and Android.

The user-friendly app worked in simple steps. Users could start with creating their profiles. The app used the addresses users entered to display local inventory. Users could then quickly and easily upload their items and start renting. The app included a suggested pricing feature to take the guesswork out.

bed bath and beyond
Renters could easily find the right equipment
bed bath and beyond
Suggested pricing built to help owners remain competitive
bed bath and beyond
Owners could link items to inventory to increase rentals

The app was initially launched in two markets, Florida and Michigan, to gather user feedback. After its initial success, JobBox later expanded coverage to Texas as well. The growing traction of their product allowed Stephen and his team to raise some seed funding from friends and family. At the time of this writing, the team was seeking additional angel investment to close out their $600k seed round and was planning to expand JobBox to additional markets.

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Tintash just gets it. They could conceptualize my thoughts and build a roadmap to get me to my desired results.

Stephen Bradshaw

Stephen Bradshaw

GM & Founder, JobBox on Clutch

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