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Increment & Release Cycles


Delivery Milestones


Pre Kick-off

We work with the client to analyze project scope and chart down the requirements.

A team is formed that is best suited for the client’s requirements.

We populate the product backlog with epics and user stories, and the client reviews them.

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We use modified Scrum for project management and delivery of each project

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Increment and Release cycles

We deliver an increment at the end of each sprint cycle.

The client chooses the audience they would like the increment to be released to.

Our QA engineers keep track of all the tasks planned for each sprint cycle, their progress, and testing status in a comprehensive sprint report.

Sprint reports are shared with every team member including clients to have complete visibility of the overall progress of sprint.

Milestone Delivery

The increments we deliver build up to a milestone.

Our project managers work with clients across sprint planning and sprint review meetings to develop an understanding of the scope that needs to be covered in a milestone.

Project Managers also make sure that they are aware of important deadlines on which the product has to be demoed to stakeholders or investors, or be released to customers.